Friday, February 18, 2005

university strolling... 

Here I am on the campus of the University of Arizona, playing in the Connectivity Lab. BFHubby works for the UofA (I ain't saying which department, though) and has hooked me up on this sweet Mac G4 (or do you Mac people call it an Apple G4? I've just always been a PC person). I've spent most of my time here wandering around the campus, eating, buying books (finally have America (The Book) - yea!) and getting a little lost. It's been fun! I have to go meet BFHubby pretty soon, as we have to meet BestFriend and pick up BFDaughter, but I've been enjoying this downtime despite a total of six hours of sleep over the last two days (including the nap I took on the plane this morning). Having never attended a university and only taken two semesters at a community college in the dark, long-ago days of the mid-80s, I'm always amazed how at home I feel when I'm on a campus, whether it be UCLA, UofA or even Santa Monica College.

Funny thing is it was raining in L.A. when I left this morning and it's been raining off and on in Tucson since I arrived. I'm just a little bundle of gloomy rain bringing, ain't I? Also, with the crowds at LAX this morning, I realized anew why I don't travel on holiday weekends. Crazy, man, just crazy. If it weren't for running into a former writing group member in the security line halfway down ("Carol, you're traveling with me, right?" "Of course I am!") I probably would have missed my flight, as I barely caught it even with arriving early.

(A big thanks to ModelGirl and her hubby for checking in on the cats while I'm here. I wasn't sure I could find someone, but they totally stepped up to the plate. If they need me to help them move bodies, I'm there for them.)

So off I go now. I'll check in with y'all a bit later from the comfort of the sofa of BestFriend and family, which will also serve as my bed for this weekend.

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