Sunday, February 06, 2005

mope mope mopity mope... 

So yeah. This morning. Care for a little self-inflicted melodrama with your shower?

That isn't to say my emotions from last night and this morning weren't valid. They completely were. But I'm feeling much better now. I suppose it's hard to remain blue when, as one of the exercises during the improv class, I participated in a 15-2 minute "reunion" with the other class members, all of us speaking nothing but gibberish. The whole class was unbelievably fun and again I reiterate that I have some rather talented classmates. Even the cute - and very married - instructor told us that we were an excellent group. There really isn't much better in the world than performing in front of people. I'm very happy that I'm getting back in contact with that long-lost part of me. And it turns out that my funny decided to accompany me after all, stowing away in my Bag O' Stuff.

Then I trained it out to the San Gabriel Valley to meet with Boychik, whereupon we spent a little time at the.The Huntington Library, enjoyed a proper British tea at the Rose Garden Tea Room, which usually has to be booked weeks in advance. We were pretty lucky there. Then we hung out at his fabulous new guest house, which I dearly love and wish I could have tucked into my purse to take home. The downstairs (yes, a guest house with two floors!) living room was bigger than his old studio apartment in West Hollywood. It's a bummer that he now lives much farther away, but I can get to him via train in about an hour, so it's not too bad.

And now I'm home and tired, ready to get some richly needed sleep, but feeling scads better than this morning.

Amazing how speaking gibberish and having tea will brighten up even an overcast, slightly rainy day.

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