Sunday, January 30, 2005

when you fall down... 

...you have to get right back up again, especially in the world of improv. Otherwise the scene isn't going to go very far.

Today was my first improv class and it was pretty fun. When I first got there I was the only woman in a group of six people. I started thinking, "Yeah, I like these odds," when four more people showed up, three of them women. We went through quite a few exercises in the three hour class, learning a fair amount about, naturally, the basics of improv. Definitely some funny, inventive folks in that class, so I can only imagine how much better they'll be by the end of the ten week course.

I did fairly well, too, though I was certainly at a loss more than I would have liked. I ended up being pretty physical, what with being strangled and my hair on fire and fighting hordes of Huns and falling off chairs and dancing and playing baseball and fighting cops and... If I keep this up I may not even need to start up work-outs again. I do need to be careful, though. I have a tendency of throwing myself into the scene, literally. Considering my bad neck, shoulders and wrist, if I don't watch out I'm going to end up living on Vicodin. Not to mention that I snapped one of my bra straps during my exertions. Luckily the bra is a convertable bra and I had extra straps in my purse. Because I was trying those clear plastic straps for the first time and I was afraid the weight of my breasts might prove too heavy (the straps were stretching as soon as I put them on). Nice to know that sometimes I can be prepared.

Though I wasn't monetarily prepared. Last week I had agreed to pay half the money today and the other half mid-way through the course, as the school allows that. Apparently all my years dealing with numbers made me singularly ill-equipped to divide even numbers in half and I ended up being $50 short. The teacher and I made an agreement for me to bring that $50 to the next class. Luckily I get paid on Friday, so there'll be no problem with that.

All in all it was a good class. My fellow students are a nice mix of styles, which will make the sessions interesting and unpredictable. The instructor is a youngish guy who is pretty good at what he does.

I think I'm going to like it there.

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