Tuesday, January 25, 2005

shallow is as shallow does... 

...and sometimes I am irretrievably shallow.

I don't mean to be. Oh, how nice it would be if I only ever thought productive thoughts about how to make this world a better place and I saw the good in everyone and I wasn't often slightly thrown when spotting someone possessing of some measure of fame who I really think should just give it back and pay restitution to the public for having to put up with them.

But this shallowness? Can privately entertain me in a most suitable fashion.

SCCounterpart and I took a little stroll to a favorite local lunch spot to pick up sandwiches we had previously ordered via phone. As we approached, I noticed a man sitting at an outside table, talking to a friend. Asian, dark hair with heavily bleached blond ends, black t-shirt, trendy jeans. He looked familiar to me and I tried to place him. It didn't take long, but I questioned myself a bit, because something seemed out of place.

Inside the restaurant we went. As we waited on line, chatting with a friend of SCCounterpart whom I had previously met, the man from outside strolled in, said something I didn't catch to the woman at the register, and - obviously familiar with the place and its employees - moved to grab something from behind the counter. As he walked away the counter woman called out to him, "Bobby, wait!"

I was right. It was Bobby Trendy.

I must confess to having watched a few episodes of the The Anna Nicole Show, one of the few reality shows I've ever watched, even a little bit. I don't know why, since I find her and everyone on that show supremely annoying (except for maybe her son). But I did. And Trendy's horribly tacky decorating style just inspired nausea. I had hoped that he would go away as a minor celebrity, but he refuses to let go of his shred of fame.

And now I see him in my work neighborhood. It's to be expected, since his business is fairly close to my own workplace, but that doesn't mean I want to see him around. Even though I did inwardly smile at the sight of him and maybe even take a teeny bit of enjoyment from it. At least he wasn't wearing sequins and eyeliner today. That's what seemed a bit out of place.

It's nice to know I won't drown in this lovely, warm shallow end of this pool...

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