Saturday, January 29, 2005

quiet evening... 

The Life and Times of Nebraska has been updated, in case you're interested. I've also finally updated my "Reading" and "Hearing" sections in the sidebar, after too many months of lying fallow. Because it really didn't take me three months or more to read Foundation.

I have been a bit lazy, though, and not included links to any of the new books added except for the ones I'm currently reading. Just not in the mood to research that many links. Nor is there any order to the books, because all of the recently read books are just sitting in a stack, waiting for me to register them on BookCrossing, so I've stacked them by size. There may even be a couple that I've read that aren't in the stack, for whatever reason. I know of at least one that isn't there.
It's a quiet evening, and in a rather British mood tonight. Perhaps it's the Earl Gray tea I'm drinking. A very nice, smooth tea, from a Dutch company that happens to make the best tea on earth. At least the best tea I've ever had. And the lovely Linda is sweet enough to keep me in stock with this most fabulous tea, for which I am indebted.

Maybe it's the English muffins I opted to eat for dinner. I wasn't very hungry, but my stomach did want something, so English muffins with butter and apple jelly seemed perfect. Unfortunately the muffins were store brand, not Thomas, but they were good nonetheless.

Or perhaps it's listening to Hound of the Baskervilles whilst updating Nebraska. A decent, though not perfect, production, with Richard Roxburgh as Sherlock Holmes, Ian Hart as Dr. Watson and Richard E. Grant as Stapleton. All actors I enjoy watching a great deal, though I do find Hart looking a bit too slight as Watson, with a unconvincing mustache. Still he does a nice enough job in the role, and has gained enough of my good will in his other roles that I'm willing to overlook the physical deficiencies.

Though Roxburgh will never be a definitive Holmes, he wasn't bad. And I admit to finding him a bit more attractive than I normally do, but I think that's because here he slightly resembles a fellow I've seen around town rather frequently whom I think is just yummy to look at. Maybe because they have the same nose (I love a nice strong nose).

But Grant dominated them all. I've liked his work for a while, but this film has made me fall in with the "Grant as Holmes" cadre that has been growing for a few years. I think it's past time he took up the role.
Earlier today I stopped by the open house for Antonio Villaraigosa and talked to a couple of the campaign volunteers there. I knew that several folks from the Progressive meetings I've been attending support him, so I wanted to see what it was all about. And I did see one fellow I've seen about - though he wasn't at Thursday's meeting - and he recognized my face, so we re-introduced ourselves. It was a good thing I went, because I found out there's a mayoral candidate debate on Monday night on the other side of the Valley, so if I can make it over there (and more importantly, make it back home) I'm going to check it out.

Funnily enough, after I arrived home, I flipped through a few stations and found a re-broadcast of a candidate question-and-answer event from January 11. I tried to stay awake for it, but the lack of sleep over the week came over me and next thing I knew I was dozing off. I think, even though I'm getting more interested in politics, I'm not quite at the point where watching debates can keep me awake. Maybe because there's still much of this foreign language I'm still struggling to interpret.

I'm sure I'll be fluent soon enough.

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