Tuesday, January 04, 2005

like a little update? 

My home computer has decided to go fritzy-fritz, making online access problematic at best. Hence no update over the weekend because I was off Friday through Monday. Not much to update about anyway. It was a very quiet New Year's weekend, with the only excitement happening when I left my purse on the bus on the way to Sarriah's place on New Year's Eve. However I seemed to have a little luck left for 2004 because the circumstances of the Leaving of the Purse (at the end of the bus line mere feet from a division station very close to my place of business) enabled me to have it returned within a couple of hours with contents intact, including $11 in cash. Yes, I fully recognize how very fortunate I was (and am).

However, in being inattentive enough to leave my purse behind, I may have used up what little luck I had left in 2004. Because heaven knows I didn't get lucky that night. Only three men showed up at Sarriah's intimate shindig and of those three, one was attached, one was unappealing to me (a neighbor of Sarriah's) and the third was Sarriah's brother, whom I've met numerous times before. Therefore the recipient of my somewhat tipsy/drunken flirting - or at least a small fraction thereof - was, by default, Sarriah's brother.

Mind you, I think he's fairly cute, and he's a nice guy and all, but I also know enough about him to recognize that he would drive me crazy in a relationship, so I couldn't be serious about him anyway.

Later that night - and most of the weekend- I became a bit moody and maudlin, so it was just as well that my home computer has been so iffy, else y'all would have been treated to the type of entry I used to write often but am now tired of: woe is me, what's wrong with my life, oh why does no one love me?

That sort of entry is sooo Summer '03-Summer '04. Why, I've got a whole new depression happening, it's time for a whole new type of entry! So no grand introspection regarding 2004 from me. Because in some ways I'm in a totally different place in my life than I was this time last year. And in others I'm in exactly the same place. Not much of an epiphany to be gathered from that. Especially when most of my previous epiphanies either brought me pain or no change.

Oh, another symptom that I'm a wee bit depressed? I want to eat. All. The. Time. I'm able to resist the urge most of the time and I've started walking a little more than I had been over the last few months, so I haven't gained too much weight, but a few of the pounds I'd discarded have come back to roost. Don't worry, I'm gonna kick those buggers out again, evict them and tell them they are not welcome. Mainly because I know that when they come back they'll end up where they're not wanted, i.e. my tummy, ass and hips. And they always bring unwanted friends, the inconsiderate bastards.

On the upside, I've rearranged my living room. I'm still not entirely happy with it, but since I'm holding a major piece of furniture for a friend until her and her hubby can figure out how to get it to their new place, I won't be entirely happy with the layout. Still, it's a better layout, one which enabled me to take a pine chest from my too small bedroom and move it into the living room and get rid of a couple of other pieces and find a place for a barstool I brought home from work because it had been discontinued. Not terribly thrilling, perhaps, but a development that pleases me. If only I had been less inclined to nap over the weekend, then I might have gotten some actual cleaning done. But I straightened up and tossed out some stuff I no longer needed, so it wasn't a total bust.

Wow, that's pretty darned exciting, isn't it? If I don't watch out, I may get carried away and describe in excrutiating detail the amount of time I spent trying to defrag and optimize my home computer.

Hey! Wait a minute! Where'd y'all go?

Oh, pooh...

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