Monday, January 24, 2005

is this thing on? 

I've written nothing about the inauguration thus far. Mainly because there's a part of me that's been trying to ignore the day entirely. January 20th is a strange day for me as it is without folding in the inauguration of someone who doesn't deserve the title of Dog Poop Scooper, let alone President of the United States.

But others have written and posted things that are certainly worthy of linkage, so here goes:

** The increasingly fabulous Jo has started A Progressive Manifesto and is accepting suggestions from her readers. Example (re-printed with Jo's permission):
1. I believe in diplomacy, not war. War is horrifying and should be spoken of with the utmost language of revulsion. It is not glorious; it is only to be used when all other avenues of engagement are exhausted. Human life is too precious to be meaninglessly used.

2. I believe in the rights of every adult to marry the adult of his or her choice, and that the state must support that union with the full spectrum of legal and personal benefits and responsibilities.
Go and check out the rest. Excellent stuff.

** If you haven't seen the Faux News interview of the Vanity Fair editor regarding Bush's outrageously expensive inauguration parties, do so now. Absolutely terrific. Women like her and Jo are gonna make me consider turning lesbian (or at least bi). Originally found at Oliver Willis via a link by Jo.

** Actually, I don't think I could ever become a lesbian, because short, effective, yet scary posts from the likes of Jim make me realize anew how much I also like men like him.

** Magnum P.I. lets us know what Bush was really thinking as he delivered his inaugural address. Just as well I was unable to hear or watch it live. I daresay I would have broken the TV or radio by flinging it against a wall.

** Heather is rightfully tired of the billions of hours of inaugural media coverage. Though I'd enjoy watch Bush feeding Hussein peeled grapes. At least then he might be acknowledging how much Hussein really means to him.

***Revised 9:50 PM: I'm obviously pretty far to the left in my politics. And, of course, I think I'm absolutely correct in my viewpoints. Still, if you're interested in a neo-con's take on the inauguration, check out Doctor Bean's Inaugural Day entry. This may be one of the very rare instances - if not the only instance - I link to someone this far to the right of me. After all, it's my blog and I don't have have to be objective and present both sides if I don't want to. And it's a pretty safe bet to assume to don't come close to agreeing with him. But it's interesting reading, nonetheless.


So why else have I been trying to ignore January 20th? It's my father's birthday. He's 66 now. I haven't seen or talked to him in over two years and the chances are pretty good I won't speak to him ever again, but it's weird acknowledging that fact. I won't ever stop loving him, because I've loved him for all of my life, but realizing that I've almost forgotten what his voice sounds like - that's pretty heavy stuff for me. And it's sad that he's the one that screwed up, that fucked over my family, but we're the ones that are continuing to pay for it.

So, yeah, I could do without January 20th. Maybe from now on I'll just take that day off from work and sleep through it. Or find something else that can make the day positively memorable for me.

I'm open to suggestions...

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