Wednesday, December 08, 2004

no. try not. do... or do not. there is no try. 

Sometimes that's easier said than done, my dear Yoda. Because no matter how much you do, doing turns into trying, and despite all the doing and the trying, a girl still ends up with cracked - though slowly healing - heart.


Though I don't exactly hate Christmas as GruvLoungeGoth claims to, I do have to agree with his agreement with Sarah Bunting's dislike of certain Christmasy things.

Or as I ranted in his comments:
"I *heart* Sarah Bunting.

"What I really hate about Do They Know It's Christmas Time? is the arrogance and cluelessness about nearly every line. I mean, just the title steams my chaps. Maybe, just maybe, a significant portion of the populace does not subscribe to Christian dogma, so whether it's Christmas time or not is immaterial.

"Also, the ones that are Christians? Probably know it's Christmas. Christians all over the world tend to keep up on that sort of thing. And last, but not even close to least, 'Thank G-d it's them instead of you.' WTF? Why would I ever, ever thank G-d that other people are suffering? What kind of bullshit 'Better them than me' mentality is that?

"What scares me even more? I hear there's a freaking remake. How many levels of fucked up is that?"

Far too many to count...

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