Tuesday, December 28, 2004

more prayers... 

I'm asking for more prayers for a friend. ValleyGirlRep and her new hubby were on their way to Thailand for a belated honeymoon this week. As y'all probably know, Thailand was one of twelve countries hit by the massive tsunamis on Sunday. Unfortunately I don't know if they were going to fly out before or after Christmas and I haven't heard from her, nor have the other reps on the sales team. I'm really starting worry about them. I have left a couple of messages on cell and home office voicemails, and I think I'll leave another one with my home number. I'm hoping that they're too busy calling people to let everyone know they're okay.

Please let them have waited until after Christmas to fly. And please, everyone, keep them in your thoughts/prayers/hearts.

My heart also goes out to the tens of thousands of families who have lost loved ones. It's just so very sad.

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