Friday, December 03, 2004

i'm home... 

...and, as I wrote to a couple of people last night, I am literally sick and tired. There was little sleep to be had, though a plethora of rain, cold temperatures and booze-on-the-company seemed to fill the gap quite nicely. I knew sales people could be a little on the crazy side, but I had no idea how much they love the fermented juice of the grape. And the hops and barely. And the potato. And whatever Jagermeister is made from (Jager bombs are quite nasty).

Then again, the fact that we were staying in a dry county seemed to bring out the rebel in all of us. We managed to stay quite wet as a result.

More tales to be told later, but let's just say that when the 80+ year old founder of the company stands up to kareoke with you to a song he doesn't know, congratulates you on a rousing kareoke rendition of "Harper Valley, P.T.A." which had the whole room of 30+ sales people hollering their support and knows who Nelly is, well, it certainly sets the tone for the entire company.

And now time for me to go into work (a little late, granted, but I let my reps know since I needed the sleep - colds suck, as do long plane rides with colds). This day is going to be fun. And yes, that was sarcastic.

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