Monday, December 27, 2004

i know, i know... 

...I haven't been around. Just been busy with family and friend holiday stuff. Plus once I got home from said holiday outings I was just tired and the thought of writing was just too much to bear. It still is, quite frankly, but I thought I'd at least check in, let y'all know I'm alive and well and was entirely unsuccessful in avoiding the storm that swooped in about an hour ago. Oh, I stayed dry until I had to leave Sarriah's car and run to my front doorstep, but those few minutes saw my hair become almost completely drenched. I think Sarriah fared worse than I did.

First things first: I hope that Christmas-celebratin' folks had a fantastic Christmas. And I know I'm a bit late with this - though I did wish this to a few people personally - but that ol' Chanukkah from a few weeks back? Hope it was a terrific one. Also, happy Kwanza! And for my atheist readers (I know I have at least two): may this non-holiday-time also be joyous and enjoy the free days off!

(I am the Queen of Belated Best Wishes - moreso this year then any other year, it would seem. Too much into my own head, methinks).

Okay, a bit of a backstep here. Christmas Eve saw me out of bed and walking to my bank by 9am to fix an account problem, which didn't take too long, then off to the mall to Christmas shop because I still had most of my presents to buy and had no idea what I was going to buy for anyone. I would have done some shopping Thursday night, but had no access to my money until my account problem was fixed.

But, because I'm a damned good shopper and I know the tastes of people pretty well, I finished almost all of it in about four hours. I still have a few things to get, but I won't be seeing those folks for a couple of weeks, so I have a little time. Then I rushed home, showered, and got ready for BabySis and family to pick me up, because I was spending the night at their place, as was Mom. The rest of Christmas Eve was spent hanging with family and helping BabySis wrap presents for BSSon, in addition to wrapping the presents that I brought. I was stretched out on the couch and trying to sleep by 2am, but I wasn't entirely successful with the sleeping.

One of the best parts of the weekend, though, was Saturday morning when, around 6:30 am, BSSon ran around the apartment to wake everyone because Santa had come and left presents! I was surprised he had waited so long, because when I was a kid 6am was too late for any of us to start waking up the parents. Five am was about average for the kids in my family.

So we sat up and unwrapped presents, with BSSon practically in an avalanche of gifts, almost all of them toys. I bought him clothes because I'm never sure with toys and I know kids will always have a use for clothes. Plus I just love to buy clothes, trying to pick out something that is hip and cool, but not overly so. I tend to do pretty well with kids' clothes.

For the others I got BabySis an aromatherapy de-stress pack, BSHubby got a Blockbuster gift card and Mom got shoes, which I knew she needed. And from Mom I received a pretty blue bottle with silk flowers and bath oil and BabySis and family a vegetarian cookbook and a cool coffee mug. BTW, that, along with the set of four mugs from my manager and the four cool shoe mugs from Sarriah (they weren't shaped like shoes - they just had drawings and descriptions of shoes that spoke to my shoe-loving heart), upped my Christmas mug count to nine. For Carol it was the Year of the Mugs. Which is just fine because I happen to like mugs a lot. I'm not a collector, but I just love a cool looking mug.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out, cooking and eating, though BSHubby spent the majority of the day putting together all the toys that BSSon received. As that household is an Adam Sandler household, we ended up watching Billy Madison and Big Daddy, neither of which I had ever seen or had ever wanted to. But once I saw that my sweet, sweet pretend boyfriend Jon Stewart was in Big Daddy, I realized that I may have to watch it again on a day where I wasn't busy cooking. Damn it all.

After pie that I just didn't have the tummy room for - though I managed to barely eat a couple of bites - BSHubby drove me home since I had to be out of the house relatively early on Sunday to meet ModelGirl and her family for brunch and gift exchange. So on Sunday I spent a few hours there, having a terrific time and playing a little bit with their son, eating too much food again and enjoying the gift exchange, then I headed home, where I collapsed on the sofa and vegged. And today I ran a couple of errands and met Sarriah to give her the writing journal that I made for her, along with a pen and bookmark, then off for Ikea shopping and a little something to eat, whereupon she dropped me back at home.

And here I am at home, listening to the rain, making plans with GruvLoungeGoth to get together for lunch tomorrow and hoping his lovely wife can make it, since I haven't seen her in over ten years and I've only spoken with her once since her hubby and I reconnected. I'll be working on a new mix CD tonight, I think, and not much else.

As I mentioned in my last entry, my natural inclination right now is to hermit myself away and not see or talk to anyone, but the holidays - and my friends and family - are making that a difficult proposition. Though I am, for the most part, feeling like a conversational bump on a log, which makes me not want to interact with people, I'm more grateful than resentful for this interaction.

I really am a pretty lucky person.

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