Thursday, December 30, 2004

damn it all... 

That's it. No more. I have decided upon a New Year's resolution. I will not let anyone get too close to me, get to know me too well. Because when they do they inevitably figure out my likes and dislikes, which will enable those with a keen eye and sharp mind to accurately predict the sorts of books and music that I will like, or that I will adore. And as I am endeavoring to maintain my aura of Femme Fatale, International Woman of Mystery, such predictability simply will not do.

Back in the bright hazy days of summer, you may recall that I went on a camping trip, during which I bought a nice-sized stack of books at a library sale. When showing the ever-growing stack to CuteNerdBoy, after a bit of chuckling at the height of the stack, he noticed my selection of Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver, whose work I'd never read. "Oh, you'll enjoy her books," he said to me.

Damn him, he was right.

I finished reading it yesterday and I very much enjoyed the book. It spoke to both my intellect and my heart, which is harder than one might suppose. I don't think I even once thought, "Oh, she should've phrased it this way," which crosses my mind even when reading John Irving or Sue Miller, both of whom I've professed my undying devotion as a devourer of books.

I think I've got yet another author to follow. As if I haven't added enough over the last year as it is.

See if I ever let someone figure out my taste in literature again. Harumph!

Have I got my music listening cut out for me? You betcha.

Whilst Christmas shopping last week I picked up a few CDs for myself, because it had been a very long time since I'd bought any music. Rufus Wainwright, Queen Latifah, Chantal Kreviazuk and an interesting little CD, Songs Inspired By Literature, which is quite good. I've listened to those a little bit since I bought them, but with the death of my beloved portable CD player, I can no longer listen whilst riding on the bus, which significantly cuts into my music listening time.


Yesterday I had the lunch with GruvLoungeGoth that was postponed from Tuesday. And he brought with him, as I knew he would, a boatload of CDs from the Kenny Club. I had missed the last two meetings due to illness, so everyone gave their CDs for November and December to him, knowing he could probably get them to me since he works down the street from me. Thing is, it's one thing to know you'll be getting 24 CDs. It's another thing to actually look at the stack and wonder if there is any way in hell you'll get through all 24 before the January meeting in two weeks. And make the time to comment on them on the website, as is proper.

(Right now I'm listening to The Dividing by Android Lust, which was GruvLoungeGoth's selection for October. Some of it I like quite a bit, some of it not so much. And some of it I can tell I would love it if I were in the right mood. The nice thing is that the variety of music from the Kenny Club members is pretty wide, ranging from electronica to classic sixties to Jonatha Brooke, bluegrass to Hollywood spoof to mainstream alternative. I have no doubt I'll find something I love.)

And since I also received the latest Wilson Phillips CD from ModelGirl on Sunday, my total of new CDs? Is up to 30.

Too much music, too little time...

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