Monday, November 29, 2004

long time... 

...no blog. And when Chuck has said that my lackadaisical blogging is "making [him] look good, well, I take that as the implicit challenge it's meant to be. Especially when readers like TheFirst are letting me know that they are, more or less, tapping their feet and looking significantly at their calendars.

As usual, it's not for want of ideas that has prevented me from tip-tap-typing out a pithy lil' post. Oh, no, my friends. It is, instead, a mental and physical exhaustion that has crept over me, as it is wont to do.

As it is, I should totally be asleep right now, as ValleyGirlRep is picking me up at 6am for our 8:45am flight from LAX to Atlanta, from which we will fly to Knoxville, TN, after which we will be driven to Morristown, TN. Whee! But I'm a little nervous and excited and wondering if my knees are going to lock up whilst sitting for a little over four hours. A nothing flight for some people, perhaps, but the longest I will have ever taken. Until the flight back home from Atlanta on Thursday, which will be just under five hours.

Anywho, I thought I'd throw together a little entry before going on my trip, since I probably won't be able to write anything here until after Thursday. What shall it be about, I wonder? How about my holiday weekend? That holds a world of entertainment promise, does it not? It doesn't? Well, too bad.

Wednesday I worked. Joyous, no? However, because I wanted to make sure things were somewhat wrapped up before being gone for a week I ended up staying at work until 5:30pm instead of leaving at 3pm, when my office mates left for the week. I was picked up that night by BSHubby (he was in the Valley anyway) and crashed on my mom's sofa.

Thursday was (No)Turkey(ForMe) Day. YoungerSis and her family were all there, as were Mom and BSHubby's parents. No OlderBro and family and no YoungerBro and family - there are issues happening with both brothers. And I was feeling a wee bit left out by my sisters. I don't think they realized what they were doing, but when I pretty much had to fight to at least bring my traditional mashed potatoes, well, exclusion was pretty much what I was harboring, though I know they didn't do it on purpose. I haven't had a chance to mention it to either of them yet, but I will probably bring it up at some point. At least with BabySis.

Thursday night I crashed yet again on Mom's sofa and Friday I was picked up by TheFirst (he was in the area dropping off family), whereupon he took me to his place for a picnic lunch with his family. So I got a chance to meet his lovely wife and too-cute kids. Unfortunately, due to being tired and family stresses, I wasn't at my most gregarious, and TFWife was understandably tired herself and a little reserved, so I don't think we connected all that much. And because of my tiredness and a wee bit of nervousness on my part, I wasn't my usual wacky self around his daughter and son. Perhaps next time we'll all fare better. Perhaps next time shouldn't be the day after a major family holiday. But I did make TFWife laugh a couple of times, so, as usual, that was of the good.

Late Friday afternoon I bussed home from TFHome on the west side of the Valley and vegged. I watched Lantana and a little bit of Firefly (which I'd never seen - TheFirst lent me his DVDs).

Up bright and early Saturday to head out to ModelGirl's apartment, whom I hadn't seen since May. Which meant I hadn't yet met her handsome and happy baby son, born nearly six months before. So I spent a few hours catching up with her and her hubby and playing with MGSon, which was terrific. Then they took me home, I watched a bit more Firefly, went with Sarriah to copy my keys so that she could actually get into my home when she came to look after the cats while I'm gone, then a bit of Baja Fresh and back home.

And today I watched more Firefly, ran errands, failed entirely to find a sailor's hat for a silly thing going on in Tennessee, did laundry and cleaned the tiniest bit.

Well, look at that. A honest-to-goodness entry with little-to-no entertainment value. I think now y'all realize why I've not been burning up the blogging wires of late. So instead I'll leave you with this, swiped oh-so-gently from the stunning Beth:

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.
What kind of blogger are you?

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