Monday, November 15, 2004

coupla more quick notes... 

* I was back from Ventura County by noon on Saturday (ended up having to rent a car, which worked out fine), but I spent the rest of the weekend napping and watching DVDs on my lovely DVD player. Did I mention it's lovely? Because it is, you know. Did you know DVDs have these things called "special features"? No, it's true! And sometimes those "special features" include things like commentary from the film makers. Honest! I'm not making this up! I like Buckeroo Banzai commentary very much. There was also much IM chatting to be had on Sunday night, which managed to help pull me mostly out of the down mood I'd been experiencing most of the weekend while at the same time making me a little sad. It was a very complicated, yet enlightening chat with TheFirst. I'm glad that we're doing this whole friend thing.

* The Life and Times of Nebraska has been updated. Just click on Week 7, Week 9 and Week 11, in that order.

* I think I may be back later tonight with a new, proper entry. Not sure yet. We'll see.

* And lastly, grow the fuck up, America and change the g-ddamned channel already. Yeah, Saving Private Ryan offends me, but that's because it's a manipulative piece of jingoism masquerading as art. Which is why I choose not to watch it again. I'm not about complain to the FCC about it. Then again, the opening scenes just reminded me of a more graphic version of an Amazing Stories episode that I saw on TV many moons ago. One I enjoyed more than Saving Private Ryan, I might add.

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