Monday, October 04, 2004

you, there! 

Entertain me!

Come now! I sit here, health and pronouns recovered, surfing and clicking. And yet I find that none of my regular sites have updated since this morning! Some, even longer ago than that!

This, my dear subj- er, I mean, readers, my gentle readers, is not to be borne!

(Okay, so Sarriah updated while I was actually on the phone with her, but that is only one of many!)

I find that I am need of diversion, entertainment, and no one will oblige! As a result I am forced to use exclamation points to excess!

I grow weary of this exhortation. No need to update, then. You are off the hook. Bring me grapes and dirty martinis instead and I shall be satisfied.

What?! How can there be no grapes or gin?!

Excuse me while I fume silently...

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