Saturday, October 23, 2004

a wee update... 

Yes, I know, I was on a roll for so long and then, Boom! No updates for four whole days! But know y'all were just fine without me. You're resilient like that. That's one of the many reasons I love you, my tremendously spectacular readers.

(BTW, Blogger's spell-check is still funky with my home computer and I'm too lazy/rushed to spell-check elsewhere. The lazy/rushed reason also explains a lack of links that I would normally provide. So right up front I'm apologizing for any mis-spelled words/missing links [does that mean I'm apologizing for Bush? No I'm not.]. Sorry! Moving on...)

I was thinking about blaming my lack of updates on that fella that has recently reappeared in my life, because we've been exchanging Tolstoy-novel-sized e-mails and IMing up a storm (now the Angelenos know where all the rain came from this week - sorry about that!), sucking away anything resembling creativity for anyone else. But that would be rather disingenuous of me. He's only been sucking up about half of my creativity. Including, apparently, any creativity that would go towards giving him a nickname, because I'm still drawing a blank. He suggested TheFirst, because he's a Buffy fan too and the combination of him being my first date ever and The First Evil from Buffy would be neat, especially since he says he's quite evil. Never mind that it turned out that The First Evil was an incredibly lame Big Bad. But readers might take it as him being my first, well, you know, (rhymes with "cover" and has to do with something that sounds like "hex"). And since he wasn't that guy for me, we both thought maybe not so much.

It'll come eventually. Still, this whole reconnecting thing is way too much fun and I am having a blast with it. So much so it's almost too bad that he's gotten himself happily married with kids. Well, too bad for me, not bad at all for him. I am happy for him, because when I read his words about his wife and children it's very obvious how much he loves them. And that is exceedingly fabulous.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say hi, let y'all know I'm still around, that I have been a wee bit busy and I just haven't been in the mood to write much, though there are things I'd like to write about and I have comments to reply to.

(Don't think I've forgotten, Chris. I'll return to those comments soon.)

BTW, my secret boyfriend Jon Stewart on Crossfire? Oh yeah, baby, Mama likes that kind of sweet, sweet sugar.

Anyway, it's a busy weekend for me with a party at my VP's place in Manahttan Beach today, crashing at Sarriah's tonight because I have to be on the Westside tomorrow for an orientation for the Culver City Film Festival that I'm volunteering for next weekend. And I have to go back to the laundromat to check on clothes I've got drying and I've yet to take a shower, so off I go.

I'll probably check in tomorrow night. A terrific weekend to y'all!

(Here's where I'd be all, "Kiss, kiss, hug, hug," but that's just too freaking peppy/Hollywood for even me. So here's a hearty handshake instead.)

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