Thursday, October 28, 2004


Tired. Just tired. Exciting, no?

I had to postpone tonight's chiropractic appointment for monetary reasons. I haven't had a medical plan where I've paid a deductible - well, ever - and I completely forgot about that part. Nor did I know until today that the co-pay would be $30 (instead of the $15 I was thinking it would be), which I don't have until tomorrow. So I'm going to reschedule for a time when all of that can be taken care of.

Just as well. I'm really tired today. Not just physically, but mentally too. At least I got home earlier than I anticipated, since it turned out the opening night party was a bust. I'd heard that the movie preceding it wasn't very good, so it was speculated that the audience members didn't want to hang out with the cast and crew and pretend that they liked it.

Just as well. Most of the celebrities on the list were people I didn't recognize because I don't watch The O.C. or Grounded for Life or some other Fox/WB show I can't remember. The only person of note to me that showed up was Laura Prepon, who plays Donna on That 70s Show, and that's because I worked as an audience page for its first two seasons (I think she was cuter as a redhead). Didn't recognize the others. Which means I am officially Too Old.

Which I don't have a problem with because I don't think I would have watched those shows had they been in existence when I was in their target demographic.

Still, the other volunteers were nice and the woman organizing the volunteers for the party actually took me home last night, which means that I got home at about 12:30am instead of nearly 2am as I anticipated. So not a bad evening after all. And tomorrow night and Friday will be spent at the theater where most of the films will be shown. I think I'll like that.

I think I go seepy-bye now. Night night.

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