Monday, October 11, 2004

to all the states i've touched before... 

...but I promise, Chuck, it was only a good touch:

create your own personalized map of the USA

I'll be adding another state at the end of November, as I'll be traveling to Tennessee for business. I've only traveled for business once before, back in my Disney days. As it was to Tempe, AZ for one day, I was able to parlay it into a long weekend spent with BestFriend and family, which was very cool.

This time it'll be for a multiple day sales training session. And I'm kinda excited about it, actually. Though I've lived in and driven through several states, I've never before flown farther than Tucson. This will be a first for me. And as I'll be traveling with NewYorkWriter and ValleyGirlRep, I'll probably even have fun.


BTW, if you're a bus rider and you want to take a cab home but can't afford it, I have just the thing:

You should feel very unwell during the monthly sales meeting, which forces you to spend a little time in the restroom because your head and neck hurt so bad that it brings tears to your eyes and makes you feel extraordinarily nauseous, which means that the little bit you did eat is quickly given up to the porcelain shrine. This catches the attention of one of the people in the neighboring showroom, who proceeds to tell the folks back in your showroom, which brings the SisterCompanyCounterpart and your regional VP into the restroom to see how you're doing. As you exit the restroom with them, still in a great deal of pain - despite the ibuprofen taken earlier, which probably exited with the tiny bit of food you had eaten - and very shaky, but feeling slightly less nauseous, your VP presses money into your hand and all but commands you to go home to rest via taxi. Since you're not stupid - and though you know you'll be okay eventually, death still feels very near and not all that unwelcome - you accept her money and proceed to take a cab home, whereupon you instantly lie down without changing out of your work clothes, writhe in pain for a little while, then sleep soundly for 3+ hours.

Not that I'm saying I would ever do such a thing...

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