Thursday, October 14, 2004

sounds different to me... 

I think I need to tattoo the following words on my forehead:

"It was a cough, but thank you."

I don't know what it is, but every time I cough once, every single person hears it as a sneeze and says, "Bless you." Even people who have known me for years mistake my coughs for sneezes and proceed to bless me. It's funny, actually.

When I hear myself cough, it sounds like a cough to me. Just like my sneezes sound like sneezes and not that oh-so-ladylike 'choo I hear some people use.

(Seriously, how can any pressure be relieved by the teeny-tiny sneeze? How does the pressure not build up until the head explodes? It's a mystery to me.)

I actually cough a fair amount, due to bad sinuses and post-nasal drip (ooh, I'm so sexy), so the chances are that noise you hear when I cover my mouth? It's a cough. Especially since when I sneeze I tend to sneeze like a cat. A loud, not particularly feline cat.

Just a little FYI...

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