Sunday, October 03, 2004

i'm home... 

...and tired and happy.

It was a lovely wedding and reception, BFSis was beautiful and radiant, BFSisHubby was quite handsome, there was much weeping for joy to be had (including your humble narrator). Seeing BestFriend and family was as great as always, as was seeing her parents again. I met a few new people, hung out with those I already knew, laughed and drank and ate and danced. There were a couple of people I recognized as working actors (not surprising considering both the bride and groom are in entertainment and met while working at Disney and the father of the bride had Paul Winchell as his mentor), but I have to say it was kinda cool at one point where the single girls were dancing together and another guest, Gedde Watanabe, sort of joined us with his significant other. Later we laughed briefly together in a group. It's funny how after all this time I still get slightly giddy over actors I think are pretty cool.

And the only bit of wistfulness to descend upon me was when BFSis danced the father/daughter dance with her dad. I think that will always choke me up.

Maybe I'm getting a little better...

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WWW all the fun of the fair...