Friday, October 01, 2004

go kerry! 

Okay, last night both CNN and Fox News rebroadcast the debate. Yea! Of course, CNN's rebroadcast was concurrent with The Daily Show analysis and if you've been reading this humble blog recently, you'll know that there was no way I was going to miss my secret boyfriend Jon Stewart.

(Ah, that was a truly satisfying cigarette afterwards. I've always been a non-smoker, but now I get it. Aaaahhhh...)

So I managed to catch a fair amount of the debate over on Fox News (and don't think the thought of watching that "news network" didn't give me the hives), though I did start dozing off around midnight. I promptly hit "Record" on my VCR remote, though, so I could watch the rest of the debate at a later time (I still missed the first 30 minutes, I think).

And what did I think, from the little I saw?

Go Kerry, it's your birthday, go Kerry!

Yeah, my man Kerry rocked the debate house last night. Ooh, yeah, baby, tell me all about your foreign policy, you hunk o' burning decisiveness.

Bush was unprepared and repetitive and more stubborn than a mule about his "core values", core values which have managed to get this country into a terrible mess on so many fronts. It was great watching Kerry take Bush's "points" and turn them back on him.

My biggest WTF moment was when Bush declared that Osama bin Laden was not going to dictate how the US defends itself. I jumped out of my seat with that one, because I think it's pretty evident that, with the terrorist actions of 9/11 - instigated by bin Laden - the administration began to change the way the US defends itself. Okay, right now it's done in a totally arbitrary and half-assed way, but it has been change. If that's not bin Laden dictating how the US defends itself, I don't know what is. And, by not actually going in and getting bin Laden when we had the chance, we run the risk of even more such attacks in the future, unless we do some serious - and effective - rehauling of national security, with as little infringing upon civil rights as possible. Which is another way in which bin Laden would be dictating how the US defends itself.

Newsflash, Bush: You do not know how the world works. You don't have the first idea. If you did you wouldn't have alienated so many countries, so many allies and potential allies. It's your impeccably stubborn "I am the only one who knows what's right for this country and nothing will ever change my mind on that" attitude that has gotten us where we are today. Wake up and smell the fucking quagmire, you arrogant asshole.

Oops, got off on a little rant there. Sorry folks.

So, yeah. Kerry's looking more and more like someone I want to vote for, as opposed to someone that I was just using to get Bush out of office. This makes me very happy. I'm eager to see what the future debates hold.

BTW, here's a nice simplification of the debate last night. Right on the nose, Chuck.

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