Tuesday, October 05, 2004

candidate astrology... 

I'm into astrology. Brand me a flake, a fruit loop, a nut if you must (certainly wouldn't be the first time) but I admit I believe in it to a certain extent. Nothing is set in stone and one should never use traits found in their astrological signs as excuses for bad behavior, but one's sun sign can suggest certain tendencies.

So, as November 2nd draws near and I become more and more excited about the debates and election (this year marks the first time I've ever really paid attention to debates), it's understandable that an astrological e-mail about the candidates - resting in one of my multiple inboxes - would catch my attention. I read it and indeed, it was most interesting. From Astrology.com:

George W. Bush

Our current president was born on July 6, 1946, under the Sun sign of Cancer -- a friendly sign, but one that tends to be more of a homebody than a social butterfly. Much of Bush's birth chart also reflects a strong focus on the self -- so he doesn't really differentiate between himself and his country. He likely has a deep love for the United States, wants the best for it and will do whatever he feels is necessary to make the country as strong and successful as possible. The downside is that he can develop a very narrow focus, and disregard other opinions and points of views. His tight focus can help when one specific idea or event requires his complete attention, but it can also prevent him from being able to see the big picture. On the whole, Bush is a very open-hearted and optimistic man who looks toward the future. He has a stubborn streak, however, and he needs to beware his pride -- it could be his undoing.

John Kerry

John Kerry was born on December 11, 1943, which makes him a Sagittarius -- a much more social, yet thoughtful sign. His chart also implies a larger focus on others rather than himself, and he feels a strong connection with the people around him. He won't commit to an action until he's considered all possible outcomes -- he can easily see both the forest and the trees. Kerry can appear to be indecisive, so the accusations about him 'flip-flopping' are not surprising. However, this actually reflects one of his greatest strengths -- he forms decisions based on the information presented to him, but he is always open-minded about new data -- he won't stick to an idea simply because it was his first. Most importantly, Kerry's chart shows a man with strong leadership skills. Kerry's greatest weakness, though, is his outward persona. He appears indecisive, and though he loves people, he tends to have a frosty attitude around them -- if he's going to succeed, he needs to avoid getting in his own way.
Also included in the e-mail is a link to the report for Ralph Nader.

All of the above are fascinating, no?

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