Monday, October 18, 2004

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So I jump on my blog here and I write. And write. And then I write some more. Sure, I write about personal matters and my feelings and what's happening next in my life.

But I also rail about our current administration and urge people to vote and sometimes throw my hands up at the everything, wondering what the point is, but remembering that no matter how frustrated I get, I'm still going to vote for the candidate of my choice on November 2.

Why am I going to vote, even though I sometimes wonder why I should even try?

Because of this. Because Sarah Bunting is so dead on. Because the US does belong to every single American citizen and it's up to her citizens to make it as good a country as they can. As we can.

Bush? Yeah, it's his country too. After all, he's an American citizen. He just happens to have the reins right now and is doing a piss-poor job of driving the country. He's demonstrably doing the worst job in many a generation. So let someone else at the reins for awhile, someone who'll make a better driver. But that doesn't make it any less Bush's country.

Since this is my country too, I'm going to vote to help turn her around. Because even though I'd love to travel all over the world, spend time in other nations and get to know their people, in the end I suspect, no matter how much I will probably love Great Britain and France and maybe even the Netherlands, the US is the country I'll come home to.

Because it is my home and I love her. And because I love her, I want to do right by her. Voting is the very least I can do.

Addendum: Y'all don't know how close I was to singing Anthem from Chess. Good thing I was alone in the showroom at the time.

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