Saturday, October 09, 2004

avoiding the cliche title of "weighty matters"... 

Over the last two and a half years I've lost somewhere between thirty and thirty-five pounds. I've plateau'd a bit, but I am pretty close, weight-wise, to where I was before the Depression of Aught-2. And though I do fervently believe that as long as one eats well and exercises one's body will settle into what it's meant to be - and that it shouldn't be about the numbers on a scale or a clothing tag - I still feel pretty good about it all.

Especially when, at BFSis' wedding last week, several people were telling me how good I looked. Granted, while BFHubby sees me about twice a year when I visit them in Tucson, I don't think he's seen me all gussied up with make-up and (lowish) heels and and a skirt in a number of years. I tend to wear my jeans and tank tops and sneakers when I head out to Tucson.

Still, it is very nice to hear. Now, I could probably stand to lose another 30+ pounds, if I'm in the mood to get back to the size I was in my early twenties (I was trying to find a picture from that time to scan, but either all the photos are shoulders-up or my body is somehow twisted so that a true idea of my body size back then is all but impossible to find - yes, I've always had body image issues, even when I had a cute little body), and I do think about it, but I am going to try to follow my own advice and just try to eat well (and get back to exercising again) and let my body do what it will.

I will say that there is definitely a down side to losing this weight:

My crotch is lower.

See, for the first time in my life I have all these really cute jeans that I absolutely love. But with the lost weight they hang lower on my waist. Some I can even take off without undoing the buttons and zippers. Because the jeans hang lower, well, so do the crotches of the jeans. Which is not a good look.

Oh well. *shrug*


BTW, what I'm doing now? Totally a distraction tactic. I have a ton of cleaning to do today before I go to a BBQ tonight, but I am so doing so little of it. Gotta get my ample ass in gear.


Oh! I found a picture from my early twenties. I think I'm about 22 or 23:

Young Catherine Zeta-Jones - Image Hosted @ ImageShack.us
Damn, I was hot!

But really folks, here's me as a young whippersnapper:

Famke Janssen - Image Hosted @ ImageShack.us
Smokin', baby!

Now, this time I mean it. This is really me, when I was about 22 - I'm at an office party:

Office Holiday Party - Image Hosting @ ImageShack.us
I'm the one in the middle with the perm and the pin. Can't really see me that well, but yeah, I was a cutie. Still am, too.


I feel a little guilty about teasing y'all with the Zeta-Jones and Janssen cheesecake up there, so here's a little of my own honest to goodness homemade cheesecake, from '90 or '91:

Early '90s Cheesecake - Image Hosting at ImageShack.us
Yeah, it's sorta one of those glamour shots, but BabySis took it for me after hours when she worked for Olan Mills, with a few others, and they're fun to look at. There are some that are richer in the cheesecake factor, but I'd rather not post them.

Besides, got to get back to the cleaning. Sorry about that, bye!

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