Thursday, October 07, 2004

and now is the time for me... 

Liberated from the blog of Chuck:


...I am wearing right now

1. A tiger print skirt
2. Fragrance that smells like candy
3. A black plunge bra

...on my desk

1. A bobble head of a CommercialFurnitureCompany bigwig
2. A tape measure
3. A mix CD I want to mail to CuteNerdBoy, but which has a messed-up song that must be replaced

...I want to do before I die

1. Go to Europe
2. Publish a novel or ten
3. Marry the love of my life (whoever that may be)

...good things about my personality

1. Fond of the funny
2. Fiercely loyal
3. Spell real good

...bad things about my personality

1. Stubborn
2. Slow to make changes
3. Big talker

...I like about my body

1. Eyes
2. Lips
3. Breasts

...I don't like about my body

1. Tummy
2. Hips
3. Ass

...most people don't know about me

1. I've never killed a man in Reno just to watch him die
2. When I was a kid I fervently believed my feet had switched sides
3. I have secrets that I have told to only my therapist

...I say the most

1. Not a problem.
2. It's possible.
3. Wha the? Who the? Huh?

...I want to go to

1. England
2. France
3. New York City

...names that I go by

1. Carol
2. Sweet pea
3. Petit Chou

...screen names I have had

1. Francaise
2. briteblueblaze
3. ordgddss

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