Tuesday, September 28, 2004

rushing to fill the void... 

Back in May, when Angel shuffled off the television coil, I was bereft. No more Whedon TV. Though I hadn't been part of the Cult of Whedon for as long as many of its members, I was still a card-carrying Whedon Slave.

But that was not the only reason I felt lost. For I wondered, "What show will I tape now?"

There have only been a few shows that I tape and keep forever and ever: Buffy; M*A*S*H; Sherlock Holmes; Max Headroom; Doctor,Doctor; Psi Factor (I'm sensing a bit of a theme in those last three...). But since I generally never know when I'm going to be home and I really don't like to force myself to stay at home just to watch a show, no matter how much I like it, I just tape the other shows I like, then record over them after I've watched them.

Amazing how much money I've save by not buying new tapes.

Anyway, at the time Angel finished up, there was only one show that I watched with any regularity and that was The Dead Zone (which, oddly enough, is produced and distributed by my old company), and that was always hard to find - half the time I didn't know the new season had started.

Now? Now I'm taping more shows than I ever have: The Dead Zone; The Daily Show; The Graham Norton Effect; Rescue Me; Nip/Tuck. None of them are forever keepers (well, The Daily Show would be, but that would take more tapes than even I'm willing to buy - and I have almost the entire 11 year run of M*A*S*H on tape), but I am enjoying them immensely. Especially Nip/Tuck, and not just because of the very pretty Julian McMahon (I usually don't go for actors that pretty [except for Hugh Jackman, of course], but I have to say, he is many kinds of yummy - enough so that I was actually watching the horrendous Charmed for a little while there). It's an interesting night-time soap opera where acting is good, the style is stunning and the characters are constantly changing in interesting ways.

No more new shows, please. Not even CSI:NY, which I'm tempted to check out because of the ever-so-fabulous Gary Sinise (Fametracker's Fame Audit is so right). I just don't have the time.

Unless Joss Whedon comes back. Then we'll talk...

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