Friday, September 24, 2004

new journal links... 

I love the internet.

I love the people on the internet.

I love the people on the internet that have interesting things to say.

I love the people on the internet that have interesting things to say and pay me lovely compliments and/or link to me.

Which is why I love these journals and will add them to the sidebar when I have a little more time:

Evaporation - Steve's not new to me (he's on the old Journals I Read, all of which will be placed in the sidebar), but he is a new link for this blog. I've been reading his fun and moving writing and looking at his pretty photos since I first stumbled upon Chuck's Mojave Phone Booth site back in '99.

treppenwitz - David is a fine writer who leads a fascinating life both familiar and strange to this life-long suburban gal.

The Meat of the Matter - Jim writes of politics and philosophical underpinnings and cabbages and and kings (okay, maybe not the cabbages so much) and writes of them well. So much so that I'm over-looking the references to dead animal carcass. (Insert winking smileycon here.)

Y'all need to check out these fellas, 'cause this girl's gone and fallen in smit with them. *sigh*

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