Saturday, September 25, 2004

lovely day... 

It's absolutely beautiful outside. I need to get off my ass and get moving, enjoy the Vitamin D as I walk to the bank and do laundry in preparation of today's wedding.

In a few hours NewYorkWriter, her hubby and I will be wending our way north, to Somis, to attend the wedding of one of my sales reps. She's a fun, vibrant person with whom I connected almost instantly when I started my current job. Then again, she is a Leo and I've always gotten along great with Leos. And she a fellow Valley Girl (though she was raised in Camarillo), so there's that.

As such, I am very happy and honored to have been invited to witness such a lovely event. And to get the chance to meet her fiancee, of whom I have heard much. Plus she's told me that there's an open bar at the reception, so that's of the good.

Of course, NewYorkWriter and ValleyGirlRep, being privy to the some of the CuteNerdBoy drama (he fixed ValleyGirlRep's laptop and, not knowing anything about him besides our friendship, her first words to me after meeting him were, "Why aren't you dating?" Um, yeah. Exactly what a girl wants to hear when she's trying to put a little distance between herself and a situation. I gave her a few bullet points and left it at that - wait, I was going somewhere before this unwieldy parenthetical aside - oh yeah), both are hoping that there will be some cute eligible bachelor there today that will be smitten with my beauty, smoldering sensuality and sharp wit, to help take my mind off the boy and perhaps whisk me away to his castle, which will most likely be north, in Santa Barbara.

Me? I'm looking forward to the free booze. And maybe just someone to flirt with.

But mainly I'm looking forward to sharing in the love and the happiness of a wonderful woman and her no doubt wonderful soon-to-be-hubby.

Ain't it great I get to do it all again next weekend for BestFriendSister's wedding? Whee!

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