Monday, September 27, 2004

it just gets better... 

Campaigns want debate moderators to sign statement

The upcoming presidential debates are going to be crucial to the outcome of this election. Isn't it nice that people from both candidates' campaigns are requiring that the moderators to sign statements that have not been required in past election years?

And isn't it just thoughtful that the debate rules require that all audience members submit questions in advance for pre-selection, to be cut off should they decide to change the question when it's time to ask away? Makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside to know that the free exchange of ideas - one of the principles upon which this country was founded, as I recall - is being sacrificed for the sake of "expediency", as Bush-Cheney '04 Campaign Chairman Gov. Marc Racicot termed it when he appeared on The Daily Show last week.

(An aside - my favorite bit of that interview:

Racicot: This campaign is so focused on being positive-

My secret boyfriend Jon Stewart: What!? Have you been skipping the meetings?


(Though let's be honest - the squelching of the free exchange of ideas is usually desired by those high up on the election ladder.)

I'm both eager and apprehensive to see Thursday's Presidential Debate. Though how sad is it that I'm looking forward to The Daily Show's coverage more than the debate itself?

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