Thursday, September 09, 2004

i need to find out... 

...if I have somehow made my cats beneficiaries of my life insurance. They seem pretty determined to trip me as I'm feeding them. Since I can barely function first thing in the morning - which is when I feed them - I'm amazed I haven't yet fallen and hit my head on something and just died, because they are constantly underfoot until the last of the water has been poured.

Edison is especially guilty of this, so I can only assume, during a hypnotic trance they must have put me under at some point, that he's the instigator of said change to life insurance and he gets the largest piece of the pie. Maybe he's not as sweet and innocent as he appears.

So if y'all hear something in the news about "Crazy California Cat Lady Dies from Fall in Home; Leaves Money to Cats", let the cops know that it wasn't my idea and that my cats did it.

I mean, I love them and all, but I'm also all about the justice.

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