Sunday, September 26, 2004

fun for all! 

Okay, maybe only a few. Because I can accomodate only six. Six people. Six lucky souls.

"Um, Carol? What the hell are you talking about?" you may ask. As well you should. But I'll thank you not to swear in my blog, because it's not nice. And only I have that right. What with it being my blog and all.

"Carol," you whisper to me, softly, slowly, your gentle breath tickling the whorls of my outer ear as your voice takes on a patient tone, as if I were a six year old child with the attention span of a gnat, "haven't we talked about posting so late at night? It's never a good idea. You either get maudlin or stup-"

Don't call me stupid!


Anyway, I have been gifted with six invites from the generous people at Gmail. Because they love me and want me to spread the Word of Gmail. Or something like that. See, I received my account from the lovely Chuck, so I am merely continuing his good works.

If'n ya don't already have a Gmail account and would like one - with its splendiferously gorgeous 1000 MB of space - tell me how much you love me, what you would do for an account and pay worship to the goddess that I am.

Or, you know, just ask nicely.

The first six acolytes, er, I mean, lucky readers, to do so via comments or e-mail (funfair at gmail dot com) will take home a bright, shiny new Gmail invitation, to do with as they please.

And if you're really nice, I may even speak Italian for you.

Pasta primavera, parmesan reggiano...

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