Tuesday, September 14, 2004


What the fuck is wrong with Florida? I mean, bully for the state's election chief for allowing Nader's name to be put on the Florida ballot, but the fact that there was even an temporary injunction to prevent Nader from appearing on the ballot is mind boggling.

Except not so much, what with Brother Jeb as the governor of that fair state. Not that I'm being cynical or anything...

Though I've mentioned before that I'd vote for Nader were circumstances different, I'd be happy if people didn't vote for him his time around, especially in key swing states. It's that whole "Get Bush the fuck out of office!" thing I've got going these days. But to deny even the opportunity for the American voters to vote for whomever they please, even if it's Uncle Cletus of the Neo-Nazi Party, is wrong, especially if Uncle Cletus has done everything he's supposed to do to enable his name to be placed on the ballot according to the laws and rules of the state is undeniably wrong.

Yeah, I know. The basis for the injunction was that the Reform Party may not qualify as a national party according to Floridian law and the injunction was based on a challenge by the Democratic Party, no doubt in response to everything that happened in 2000. But if the Reform Party was good enough to appear on the ballot in 2000, it should be good enough to appear on the ballot in 2004, barring changes to the law (which, from what I can tell, hasn't happened).

If there is another election fuck-up in Florida this year, heads are going to have to roll. Because things already look mighty suspicious as it is.

(Story found at Chuck's site.)


I didn't write a September 11 memorial this year, not because I'd forgotten, but because I just have nothing further to write about it that I haven't written before. But I didn't forget about it. Like everyone else, I can never forget.

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