Tuesday, September 07, 2004

1,001 and counting... 

Toll in Iraq War A Grim Milestone

One could ask the UnPresident and his cronies if their macho posturing is worth the deaths of so many, but one would know such a question would fall on deaf, power hungry ears. The majority of those deaths occurred after Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" over a year ago.

Rumsfield has said that "the 'civilized world' long ago passed the number of 1,000 victims of terrorism." That number was reached before 9/11/01. It has mounted steadily since. It will continue to mount, in spite - or in some cases, because - of the efforts of the service people stationed in Iraq.

Don't take that as laying blame upon the members of our armed forces. In most cases they are doing their jobs as best they can and I salute them for that. But the fact of the matter is: as long as extremists of any stripe exist, so will terrorism. Guess what? Extremists will always exist.

I'm not saying that we should never fight against terrorism. Nor do I claim to have any solutions. But the Iraq war was ill-conceived from the very beginning. It has become a quagmire of the first water, based on reams of lies and misinformation. We are sinking deeper every day. And our brave men and women, as well as those from other countries, are the people at the bottom of the quagmire that Bush and Friends are standing on to keep their heads above the muck.

As an aside, anyone hear from Osama bin Laden? You know, the guy actually responsible for the heinous act of terrorism on our own shores? Does Bush even remember he exists?

I thought not.

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