Tuesday, August 31, 2004

'tis the quizzing hour... 

curious sofa
The Curious Sofa - You are quite sensual and love a good romp in every sense of the word! People are drawn to you and always want you to sit in their laps!
Which Edward Gorey Book Are You?
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How on earth did I manage to work sex into even the type of Edward Gorey book that I am?

Don't Trip
You will be smothered under a rug. You're a little anti-social, and may want to start gaining new social skills by making prank phone calls.
What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
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Frankly I think my blue and black living room rug has been eyeing me kinda funny. It's waiting for its chance, I just know it.

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WWW all the fun of the fair...