Thursday, August 05, 2004


On my way home I passed the most fabulous bookstore, outside which sits several "Free Books" boxes, where people who have books that the store does not wish to buy can leave them for others. As I often do, I rooted through them in a desultory fashion, as, quite honestly, there are rarely books I want to read.

But tonight, my friends, tonight I hit the jackpot. I walked away with eight books, most by authors I either already enjoy or have wanted to read. Stephen King, Philip K. Dick, Elmore Leonard, Jonathan Kellerman, Kurt Vonnegut, Robert B. Parker, William Goldman. The last book, Smilia's Sense of Snow, by Peter Hoag, looks intriguing. They'll all probably be BookCrossed when I'm finished, but I'm very excited by my haul.


I was going to write more, but this headache I've had since about 5:30pm is just getting worse (hence only the one link above). Time to have the rice I'm currently cooking, then a couple of ibuprofen and to bed with me.

BTW, I found someone to help me with the furniture tomorrow night. Yea!

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