Sunday, August 08, 2004

photo evolution... 

Recently I was going through my picnic basket o' photos (what, doesn't everyone keep their photos in a picnic basket? Oh. *shrug*) and I came across my headshots. I've definitely changed a bit over the years, but not so much my 34 year old self is unrecognizable from my 16 year old self. It's kinda interesting. Well, to me, anyway.

My first attempted headshot, back in 1982. I was 16, in Los Angeles for less than a year, and I had read in the paper that producers were looking for unknowns for the new Michael Douglas movie, The Star Chamber (Anyone remember that? Thought not.) So I asked my dad to take my picture so I could send it in. Yeah, I was pretty naive, too. but ya gotta love the purple eye shadow (which I still occasionally wear, just not so shimmery), never-shaped eyebrows and feathered hair, which almost reached my buttocks. I think I had braided it the night before so that it would be wavy. Unfortunately the wave is lost in the scan. But trust me, I was 1980's smokin'... Posted by Hello

My first professional headshot, taken in 1987. Notice how 21 year old Carol was working the fashionable Tower of Hair. It's a good thing I washed my hair daily. Who knows what wild life might have breeded in that mass?Posted by Hello

This was taken in 1998 by BFHubby. I was 32 and sportin' the modified Marlo Thomas 'do. I've received many compliments on that style, with many people wondering why I don't go back to it. Mainly because it takes forever to get it looking that good. I just don't have that kind of patience. Long hair is actually easier for me.

BTW, this photo marks one of the first photos I've ever liked where I have a big smile. Posted by Hello

My last headshot, taken in 2000, You may recognize it as the photo I've chosen to accompany the title up at the top. BFHubby and I decided to go for something a little more dramatic this time. More sex appeal, less cute. A pretty good picture, though in retrospect I wish he hadn't used the soft focus filter. But that's okay, now I know I don't like that look. Posted by Hello

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