Tuesday, August 03, 2004


...I think I sprained my eyeballs again.

It's a shame I've gotten so cynical about the current administration that when I heard about the latest terrorist threats, my first thought was that it was interesting this "news" came so soon after the Democratic Convention. Trying to distract the public again, Ridge? I thought.

So image my non-surprise when it was discovered that the intelligence upon which the raised terror alert is based is at least three years old. Again the cynical part of my brain takes over, wondering where this information has been languishing all this time.

I hate being so distrustful, but since I haven't trusted Bush or any of his cronies since before the stolen 2000 election, I guess it's become rather ingrained in me at this point.

I just hope that I'm wrong and that Ridge is wrong, for the sake of the people of New York, Washington and Newark.

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