Tuesday, August 03, 2004

dream a little dream... 

Apparently helping someone with a cover letter (and discussing politics a little) gives a person weird dreams.

I was standing in some room, talking to Bill Clinton. Bill and I are such good friends that he's asking my advice:

"So-and-So suggested that I speak to Such-and-Such as if we were long lost friends."

"No," says a voice off to the right, not unkindly. Hillary joins us, touching her husband's arm affectionately. "I don't think that's such a good idea. You want to be professional. He'll respect you more."

I shake my head hesitantly. "Well, that is true to a certain point, but at the same time you want to draw him in, to feel a certain kinship to you. So I think you should combine the two methods: be friendly, but professional."

Bill looks thoughtful at our suggestions, nods his head slowly. At this point I move to put my arm around his waist, in a purely friendly manner, as Hillary does the same on the other side. His arms encircle our shoulders and he draws us close, kissing the top of Hillary's head. We stand like that for a little while, with nothing but friendship, caring and a little sadness in the air, then I woke up.

Of all people, in my dream I'm giving Bill Clinton advice on how to talk to someone, how to bring them to his way of thinking. That's like advising Bush on how to act unilaterally and antagonize our friends and enemies in the world community. I'm thinking it kinda comes naturally.

Yeah. Egotistical much?

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