Monday, July 12, 2004


Just got back from a day trip to San Francisco.

I know, who the hell takes a day trip to San Francisco from L.A.? Apparently Sarriah and SarriahBrother (who actually had a family gathering in a nearby town) along with MidWestRoommate and myself (the two of us took the train from NearbyTown to SF - she had never been there before and wanted to check it out). Right now I feel like my entire body is swollen, due to the heat and the exertion of the day.

(And oh, what a pretty mental image that must present. Then again, as caught glimpses of my reflection in various mirrors and windows throughout the day, I realized that I was not exactly having a pretty day. I'm suprised animals and small children did not flee at the sight of me.

*cue 80s song - Don't You Want Me, Baby?*)

Why I was the only person in the car unable to doze off for a good part of the ride home, I'll never know. Every time I would get comfortable enough, something would happen where I'd have to shift from a relatively comfortable position to a not-so-comfortable one, then spend another five minutes or so trying to get comfy again. And I realized something: I may only be 5'6", but a lot of that height in in my legs. My poor cramped legs...

You know, it's been over 7 years since I've last been in lovely San Francisco. I loved it then and I certainly enjoyed the few hours we were there today. But as we walked from the Civic Center BART station up to Golden Gate Park, taking Haight for most of the walk - which I'm convinced was five miles, if not more - one question kept traipsing through my head:

I'm supposed to jog through these incredibly hilly streets in October?


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