Tuesday, July 20, 2004


The Life and Times of Nebraska has been updated.

It's fun, finding out about Nebraska as I write. I wrote the second installment (third for my writing group) on the bus as I headed towards the meeting tonight. I've decided that this story will be for group writing exercises only. Not too much thinking about him until it's time to put pen to paper. Unfortunately Sarriah asked me a couple of questions about the main character, ones I had no answers for since I hadn't thought that far ahead. My brain started to look for answers, but I shut it off, letting her know that I had no idea and I didn't want to know until I got to that part. I've got to put those questions from my mind, but they keep creeping back. Quick, someone get me a memory wipe!

When I mentioned tonight that I had a little more about Nebraska, NewYorkWriter smiled and said, "Oh good!" She told me later that she definitely wants me to keep writing about him, because she can totally picture who this guy is.

Very cool.

As a consequence of this writing style, there may very well be factual errors in regards to football or Ohio State or universities in general. I know very little about these subjects, having never studied any of them and having never gone to a university, with only two semesters at Pierce Community College serving as my formal post-high school education. And those were back in the late 80s.

Perhaps when I finish it I can go back and clean up the mistakes. But for now I'm going to let it stand as it is.

This is really a lot of fun.

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