Wednesday, July 14, 2004

things to learn... 

** Just because I leave the ball in someone's court doesn't mean they'll do anything with it. They may not even remember that they have the ball because maybe it rolled in a dark corner of the court. If I want them to do something with the ball I need to bring it up, even if I think I really shouldn't.

** I mustn't expect people to mention or remember the ball. Their focus (focii?) is not mine and what seems like a medicine ball to me may look like a softball to them.

** I musn't get so emotional about someone overlooking the ball in the corner. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with getting emotional and it's perfectly alright to let someone know that, Hey, ball in the corner, remember? But in the end I'm just tearing myself apart because I can't control the other person's response, nor should I try.

** Despite talking about balls in courts and corners, it's not a game. And, though serious, it's not deadly serious. No one is going to die from disappointment. And sometimes people mean exactly what they say. I may think there's something unsaid, something hidden, but that is not often the case.

I have to remember these things...

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