Thursday, July 15, 2004

new quiz... 

...this time from the pages of Christopher:

The Ethical Philosophy Selector. Apparently, like Chris, I am Jean-Paul Sartre (matching at 100%).

* When we choose something, we affirm the value of our choice because we have chosen it above other choices

* When we choose something for ourselves, we should choose it for all people.

* We must be consistent in our interpretations of moral situations regardless of whom the agent is.

* Logic cannot help us specific situations

* Making conscious moral choices is more significant than consistently following moral guidelines

* The conflict between the interests of two people is in the end, irresolvable

(Though I can't say I always believe that last one. It is certainly the case in more than a few cases, but it is not an absolute.)

Considering my knowledge of philosophy is rather shaky (aside from a love The Philosopher's Song), it's an interesting result.

BTW, though I disagree with the percentages (St. Augustine above Aristotle? Ockham even being there? With no Simone de Beauvoir is sight?) here's how my answers matched the other philosophers:

1. Jean-Paul Sartre (100%)
2. Spinoza (94%)
3. Kant (68%)
4. Aquinas (67%)
5. Nietzsche (65%)
6. Jeremy Bentham (61%)
7. St. Augustine (60%)
8. Aristotle (58%)
9. Ockham (57%)
10. Stoics (57%)
11. Nel Noddings (55%)
12. Prescriptivism (52%)
13. David Hume (44%)
14. Epicureans (44%)
15. John Stuart Mill (42%)
16. Ayn Rand (35%)
17. Plato (30%)
18. Cynics (16%)
19. Thomas Hobbes (16%)

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