Wednesday, July 14, 2004


* Thank freakin' G-d. Though, as Mike Reed pointed out (see 08:19am 14 Jul 2004), the gay marriage ban didn't have much of a chance. Still, it's nice to see that the issue has been shelved. Though I'm sure it'll rear its ugly head again.

* John Scalzi is, once again, rockin' in the free world with his take on the presidential candidates. Now, I happen to like a lot of what Nader is about, and I've voted for him in the past to try to help the Green Party become a viable third party (though not in the last election - the thought of Bush in the White House scared the shit out of me too much - nice to know I had reason to be scared). But I honestly don't think he'll ever be president and I don't really think he should be. He's too inflexible and has no idea how to play well with others, which is needed to be a successful leader. And he can be more than a little extreme. (What a shock, I know)

* Sing it, Sister Sarah. My G-d, if I hear one more person talk about bad carbs and high protein and Atkins and all that crap, I'm gonna turn on 'em and smack 'em into next year. Because that shit? Is annoying as hell. Geez frickin' Louise, people, lighten up and live a little. Look into a little thing called a balanced diet. And this new fangled dealie-bob called exercise. 'Cause guess what'll happen? Your body will do what it's meant to do. Radical concept, I know.

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