Friday, July 02, 2004

last weekend, pt. 1... 

So. The weekend. At this point I’m thinking that I probably built it up a little too much – that maybe y’all are expecting helicopters and shoot-outs and CuteNerdBoy and I working in tandem to save wild animals from dastardly Malibu poachers. But that’s not what happened. Well, okay, maybe the “dastardly poacher” might have happened, but I swear that only a few bullets were exchanged and no one was killed or permanently maimed. And we never stepped foot once in Malibu this weekend. Well, I didn’t. I can’t speak for CuteNerdBoy. Mainly because our voices are totally different and I would sound silly trying to speak for him, what with him being a guy and all.

Saturday was the day of BabySis’ bridal shower. Not much excitement there, per se, but it was great hanging out with the family. OlderBro, OBGirlfriend, YoungerSis and her daughters and Mom and I were all there. The entire family. At least those members of the family that haven’t been cut out or pissed off those of us who are – arguably, I’ll grant you – possessing of sanity. Along with BSFiance and his parents and a bunch of BabySis’ friends, most of whom I’d already met.

The shower was an Hawaiian themed one, dreamt up by YSOlderGirl as a reaction to her mother’s original traditional ideas – she stated categorically that such showers were boring. That (nearly) 11 year old niece of mine is a pretty bright little girl. As a result there were hula hoops, a proposed limbo contest that never happened, Hawaiian shirts, floral dresses, color-coordinated leis, depending on whether the guests were mothers of the happy couple, members of the bridal party, or welcome guests. And there was also lots of fun.

After the shower guests had all left, the family just hung out, watching DVDs and falling asleep in BS-In-Laws’ family room. Poor OBGirlfriend. She fell asleep on the floor and, when OlderBro tried to gently wake her up, she refused to believe that she wasn’t at home. Her eyes were open, she was looking around at the furnishing that were very different from their apartment, but she swore that she was still at home, sleeping an unaccustomed deep sleep. It took at least twenty minutes for OlderBro to get her up and moving, and even then it was about ten minutes before it dawned on her that she actually wasn’t at home. So it was 2am before we left to go home (they were my ride).

To be continued...

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