Monday, July 05, 2004

it's decided... 

A decision I've been tossing about, churning and whirling in my all-too-analytical head. I overthink things. I'm always trying to see everything from every possible angle, trying to predict outcomes I have no way of actually predicting. I know this about myself. Many times I wonder if such over-analysis is such a good thing, if it's ridiculously crazy making, but I really don't know any other way to be.

Even so, overwrought-thought me is occasionally capable of coming to an actual decision. It's one that I know will displease some people, but in the end it's a decision that I think is right for me at this moment in time.

I'm letting my hair stay rather long, at least for the time being. And it's going back to it's natural dark brown color.

To those of you wishing I would remain a redhead, I'm sorry.

See, I wash my hair every other day, which is good for the natural oils. Unfortunately, even with trying to pamper my hair - keeping it from extensive heat (I blow dry my hair only once every few months), slathering conditioner (though not quite as often as I should, I admit, due to time constraints), using only gel and silicate smoothers as hair products - my hair has started to take on a certain cotton-candy consistency common to over processed hair due to its naturally coarse nature. My pride and joy, which was once soft and smooth on a regular basis, has taken on a definite frizziness and dryness, which, as you can imagine, makes me a little sad.

So I’ve decided that it’s time to let my natural color (which is a lovely color - dark brown shot through with red and more than a few grey hairs, I'll wager) shine through again, to let it once again be healthy hair. True, I’ll have two-toned locks for awhile, but after my accidental three toned hair of my mid-20s (long story – let’s just say it involved experimentation with Sun-In and henna and be glad those days are over), it won’t be too bad. And my hair grows pretty fast, so it’ll probably be only for a year at the most.

As for the long hair, well, I think it was at a bit of an awkward stage a couple of months ago, with some of my former layers growing out none-too-well. Which is why I wanted to cut it. But most of that stage seems to be over and, for the most part, I’m enjoying the feel of my hair swinging across my shoulder and down my back. It’s not super long – nor do I want it super long again - but it’s definitely at a good length and fullness and I’d like to keep it like this a little while longer.

Of course, in six months I could decide to cut it all off and dye it cobalt blue. That’s always been a good color for me…

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