Wednesday, July 14, 2004

impatience, thy name is veruca... 

I'm better now. At least a little bit. Crying and sleeping and immersing myself in work has helped. I'm a little numb and my brain won't shut up, but I've calmed down a little.

I haven't decided yet what to write about, or if I'm going to go into any kind of detail, but suffice it to say that, despite knowing certain facts, a conversation last night cemented those facts for me - gently pounded those facts through this ever-so-thick skull of mine - and I wasn't exactly ecstatic about the result of the conversation. (That's putting it mildly.) That one a.m. post was the result of the anger (which I was feeling a bit during the talk) kicking in fast and furious.

And yes, the conversation was with CuteNerdBoy. We're still friends, we're still working on this constantly evolving friendship, and it's pretty likely we'll remain friends until we're old and decrepit and have lost all of our teeth and most of our hair (though I will, of course, wear stunning wigs - one auburn and one brunette), but it doesn't make it easier right now. And I want it to be easier now.

Just call me Veruca.


BTW, Happy Bastille Day! (My last name is French - what do y'all expect? *sticks tongue out*)

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