Wednesday, July 07, 2004

i'm so ashamed... 

We’ve all done it.

We had something that was good and whole and pure in our hands – a relationship which cannot be improved upon. We know this. We recognize this. But, for some unfathomable reason, we decide that said relationship costs us too much. So we throw it aside and search for something just as good, but with less cost to us. We try out new, different relationships. All have their good points, but none are as perfect for us as that first one we so recklessly cast aside. And we realize there is no choice for us to crawl back, because we know that, for life to be worth living again, we must have that which is good and whole and pure with us once again.

I promise you this: I will never leave you again, my beloved Lawry’s Garlic Salt. I am yours forever.

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