Tuesday, July 27, 2004

day break - 11:30am... 

It's Tuesday, late morning, and I'm feeling rather -- Parisian. This morning I decided that a short - but not too short - black skirt and form fitting - not tight or clingy - 3/4 sleeve v-neck black knit top would be the way to go. With my newly dark hair, black strappy heeled sandals and dark red finger- and toenails, I feel sexy and gorgeous and wholly European. Sitting outside a café at this time of day (even if it is a Coffee Bean) certainly contributes to that sensation. It's almost a shame that most of the cute boys walking the sidewalks - of which there are many - are so very gay.

And why am I sitting at a café table on a busy West Hollywood street during the work day, enjoying the sunshine and the breeze?

The power in our showroom went out.

It's probably just a rolling blackout, but after those of us in the showroom sat in near darkness for thirty minutes - the only light filtering in through the front windows - my SisterCompany counterpart and I decided to take an early lunch even though we weren't the least bit hungry. We had gotten the blessings of our respective reps (thank heaven I had enough time to inform my reps of the situation before the phone died) and there was no way any of us could work. So off we went in our separate directions, as we had different things we wanted to do.

I have to say, this is something I enjoy very much, this sitting at a café table in the middle of the day, people watching, reading, writing, sipping an iced double vanilla tea latte (though the egg salad sandwich was pretty substandard) and taking in a little Vitamin D. I need to find a way to support myself so that I can do this more often. It feels so very -- writerly. And since I've never felt more like a writer than I have in the past year, it would be quite fitting for me to relax like this on a regular basis, pen in hand, jotting down ideas and observations.

I think I'll go over to the Pacific Design Center and sit near its fountain for a little while so that I can enjoy the soothing sound of the flowing water.

This is a good day.


Postscript - 5:40pm: As soon as I got back all hell broke loose and I became extremely busy. But that's okay. Despite the craziness, it's still been a good day.

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