Friday, July 30, 2004

baby, you can quiz me all night... 

1) Interesting:

I took the Blogging Personality Quiz at About Web logs and I am...

The Writer
Words captivate me. And, I like to capture words. Blogging enables me to write often. It also provides a place for me to share what I write with a reading public. I can be funny, inspiring, intelligent, cynical, or morbid. It doesn't matter what I write about in my blog. It only matters that I write.

2) Hee!

You are a ZINGARO - a gypsy. A free spirit, fun and free, with just enough
eccentricity to make people say, "God, are you WEIRD!"
What Atypical Noun Best Fits You?
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3) And last, but by no means least, from the "No! Really? Surely you jest!" department:

What's your sexual appeal?
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Carol/Female/36-40. Lives in United States/California/Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley, speaks English. Spends 40% of daytime online. Uses a Normal (56k) connection.
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United States, California, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, English, Carol, Female, 36-40.

WWW all the fun of the fair...