Friday, June 18, 2004

will i never learn... 

I'm sitting here at work, trying to get some stuff finished before the weekend starts. Kind of a busy day, but not outrageously so. Everyone in the showroom left early, so a little before 5pm I locked the front door and turned up the CD that I've been listening to all day, albeit at low volume.

I'm typing and printing, but the music pulls me out of the report that I'm updating, lifting and throwing and bouncing my heart like a basketball, and all I want to do stop working, curl up on the floor with a stuffed animal (of which there are none in the vicinity) or a nice young(ish) man (again, none around) and listen to the songs - my eyes closed, the feeling of blood rushing through my veins in the indescribable way it tends to do only when I'm listening to music that I love. Especially Smoke, Born For Me, A Minor Incident and You Had Time. G-d, those songs are just so heart-breaking, and heart-breakingly beautiful.

You think I'd learn to stop listening to music by now...

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